Currently, danSing meets on Tuesday evenings at Brackenfield School, Harrogate. The classes are arranged in year groups, but this may vary a little depending on the individual child.

danSing is a uniquely specialist musical theatre training school in which children in all classes are taught singing, dance and drama in combination.
When performing in a professional musical, all three disciplines are executed together and at danSing children are encouraged to aspire to be triple threat performers from an early age.

Singing Recognising that the minimum requirement for someone embarking on a career in musical theatre is a strong singing voice, singing is taught by industry professionals to a very high level at danSing. Pupils are taught vocal technique and repertoire from a diverse selection of eras and genres. Solo singing is encouraged and in the Intermediate and Senior classes, pupils learn to sing in harmony using vocal arrangements tailored-made for each group. Junior danSingers are taught to sing tunefully with clear diction, good vocal projection and expression. In all classes danSing pupils learn to “perform” and not just “sing” their songs thereby combining vocal technique and musicality with movement and dramatic skills.

Dance Musical theatre dance incorporates a wide range of styles and choreography. danSing pupils learn movements from diverse genres, jazz, ballet, modern, contemporary and lyrical dance. ISTD and RAD ballet exercises are taught throughout in order strengthen the core and develop balance, deportment and co-ordination. Specially choreographed movements and routines are devised for each musical theatre class. Guest choreographers from eminent performing arts colleges visit danSing to teach routines and enhance the work done in weekly lessons.

Drama As part of their musical theatre training, danSing pupils are taught to act through spoken word and song. They learn integral dramatic techniques through script work and improvisation. Whatever their age, danSing pupils learn how to develop self-confidence and are encouraged to be imaginative and inventive. Scripts are written and adapted to suit each danSing class and to give every pupil a chance to shine.

Musical Theatre classes prepare danSing pupils for competitive festivals, corporate and charity events, performances on stage and screen, and auditions for colleges, West-End and touring productions. For solo LAMDA and LCM examination preparation, individual lessons are available by appointment.

Junior Musical Theatre Class 4.30pm – 5.25pm
Intermediate Musical Theatre Class 5.30pm – 7.15pm
Senior Musical Theatre Class 6.00pm – 8.00pm

If you would like to come along for a FREE trial lesson then please contact danSing.